Persons Mentioned
in the Text

Abbas Mirza 1789-1833. Son of Fath Ali Shah, Father of Mohammed Shah. Crown Prince of Persia 1799-1833.

Shah Abbas Safavi 1557-1628. Ruler of Persia 1587-1628. Generally considered the greatest ruler of the Safavi Dynasty.

Aga Mohammed Kahn Kajar 1742-97. Founder of the Kajar empire in Persia. Ruler of Persia 1787-97.

Ahmad Shah Durrani 1723-73. Founder of the Afghan empire. Ruler of Afghanistan 1747-73.

Akbar = Mohammed Akbar Khan.

Aktur Khan Alizai. Leader of a rebellion of Durrani tribesmen against Shah Shuja 1840-42.

Lord Auckland (George Eden) 1784-1849. British Politician. Governor-General of India 1836-42.

Lord Bentinck (William Cavendish) 1774-1839. British Politician. Governor-General of India 1828-35.

Berovski. Polish (?) soldier of fortune serving in the Persian army at the siege of Herat.

Alexander Burnes d. 1841. British Political officer. Key figure in negotiations at Kabul 1837-38.

Dost Mohammed Khan Mohammedzai 1788-1863. Son of Painda Khan. Ruler of Kabul 1826-39, 1842-63.

Fateh Khan Mohammedzai d. 1818. First son of Painda Khan. Chief of the Barakzais. Principal supporter and Vizier of Shah Mahmud until 1818.

Fath Ali Shah Kajar 1771-1834. Nephew of Aga Mohammed Khan. Ruler of Persia 1797-1834.

Firuz-ed-Din Sadozai. Ruler of Herat 1800-16.

Haji Mirza Aghasi b. 1783. Vizier of Persia 1835-48.

Shah Ismail Safavi. Founder of the Safavi empire in Persia. Ruler of Persia 1500-28.

Kamran Sadozai d. 1842. Son of Shah Mahud. Ruler of Herat 1829-37.

Karim Khan Zand 1705-79. Ruler of western Persia 1757-79.

Kenesary Kasim. Leader of a Kazakh revolt against Russia 1837-47.

Kohendil Khan Mohaamedzai d. 1855. Son of Painda Khan. Ruler of Kandahar 1829-39, 1842-55.

William Macnaghten 1793-1841. Secretary in charge of Indian Secret and Political departments 1833-39. Senior British representative in Afghanistan 1839-41.

Sir John McNeill 1795-1883. British Minister to Persia 1836-42.

Shah Mahmud Sadozai d. 1829. Son of Timur Shah. Ruler of Kabul 1800-03, 1809-18, and Herat 1819-29.

Sultan Mahmud II Osmanli 1784-1839. Ruler of the Ottoman empire 1808-39.

Mohammed Akbar Khan. Son of Dost Mohammed. Led revolt against the British 1842.

Mohammed Ali 1769-1849. Ruler of Egypt 1805-49.

Mohammed Mirza = Mohammed Shah Kajar.

Mohammed Shah Kajar 1807-48. Son of Abbas Mirza. Ruler of Persia 1834-48. Besieger of Herat 1837-38.

Nadir Kuli = Nadir Shah

Nadir Shah 1688-1747. Ruler of Persia 1732-47.

Nicholas I Romanov 1796-1855. Tsar of Russia 1825-55.

Painda Khan Mohaamedzai. Head of the Barakzais c 1790.

Palmerston (Henry John Temple) 1784-1865. British Statesman. Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs 1830-34, 1835-41, 1846-51. Prime Minister 1855-58, 1859-62.

General Perovski. Russian commander at Orenburg. Head of the Khiva expedition of 1839.

Eldred Pottinger 1811-43. British Political officer. Defender of Herat 1837-38.

Ranjut Singh 1780-1839. Founder and ruler of the Sikh state in the Pun jab 1801-39.

General Semineau. French soldier of fortune in the Persian army at Herat.

Shamil 1790-1871. Leader of the Murid revolt against Russia in the Caucasus 1834-59.

Shah Shuja-ul-Mulk Sadozai. Son of Timur Shah. Ruler of Kabul 1803-09. Repeatedly attempted to recover his throne, lastly with British support 1839-41.

Count Ivan Simonich. Russian Minister to Persia 1835-38.

Lt. Colonel Charles Stoddart 1806-42. British Political officer with Persian army at Herat and later envoy to Herat.

D’Arcy Todd 1808-45. British Political officer. Envoy to Herat 1839-41.

Vitkevitch. Russian agent in Afghanistan. Vied with Burnes for friendship of Dost Mohammed 1838.

Yar Mohammed Kahn Alikuzai. Vizier of Herat 1830-37. Ruler of Herat 1837-52. Defender of Herat during the siege.

Zaman Shah Sadozai. Son of Timur Shah. Ruler of Afghanistan 1793-1800.