In most places, in Sweden and Germany, the earliest records kept for ordinary people date from the late 1600's or early 1700's. I have traced most of the lines back to the earliest sources. However, there are a number of lines that I have not been able to trace to the earliest records. The following section lists each "loose end" and what information I do have on them which would be the starting point for anyone wanting to do further searches.

Caspar Hopfner and Crescentia Hoder were the parents of Joseph Hopfner. He was born in 1847 in Schönsee, Bavaria and immigrated to America in 1867. Some Catholic church records from Schönsee have survived from as early as 1726 but most records were destroyed in a fire in 1867 (a few months after Joseph left). I have various court and marriage records from Schönsee as well as a published history. The presence of Hopfners is well documented back to the early 1600's but I don't have verifiable connections established with Joseph Hopfner. I have visited Hopfner relatives in Schönsee as well but we were still unable to make a verifiable connection.

John Boesen and Elizabeth Schuster were the parents of Anna Boesen from Korrig, Saarland. I found a birth record from Korrig for a Jean Boesen in 1808 which I am assuming to be our John Boesen. I did not find a verifiable connection however and found nothing on the Schuster family.

Magdalena Weiten (b1791) was the wife of Johannes Hockert in Schwemlingen, Saarland. My information on the Hockerts comes from Monseignor Lorsung, I have not looked at the actual records myself.

Johannes Svensson (b1788) and Christina Andersdotter (b1781) appear briefly in the 1808-1817 Husfohorslangd from Kalvsvik, Sweden. In 1816 they moved to Hemmesjo. The Kalvsvik records contain a reference to Furuby but I did not find them there so we don't know where they came from.

Lena Jonsdotter (b1785) appears in the 1806 Husfohorslangd from Granhult , Sweden as the wife of Elias Pettersson. He move to Granhult in 1804 from Hovmantorp. She was not to be found in any of the earlier Granhult or Hovmantorp records however.

Magnus Pehrsson (b1767) shows up in several sequential Husfohorslangen from Granhult, Sweden. In the 1844-50 lists his birthplace is shown as Nobbele. He did not show up in any of the Nobbele records however.

Catherine Mansdotter (b1764) was the wife of Mans Sigfridsson in Vederslov, Sweden. There was no indication in any of the Vederslov records of where she was from and she was not found in the Vederslov birth records.

Barbara Kinger (b1762) was the wife of Laurenz Hockert in Schwemlingen, Saarland. Again I have not looked at these records myself.

Maria Jansdotter (b1758) was living with the widow Ingrid in Nobbele, Sweden in 1770 and later married Johannes Petersson. I found no other records for her there however.

Per Svensson (b1751) was the husband of Sara Jonsdotter in Granhult, Sweden. I did not find his birth record there however and don't know where he was from.