Local Histories

Some of our ancestral towns have published histories. Others have sections devoted to them in county histories or other local histories. I am attempting to consolidate all of the sources I have to produce the following documents. If you are interested in the information I have that is not linked, send me e-mail now to ask for copies.

Millerville, Douglas County, Minnesota

Matthias Klein published a history of Millerville in 1930. His work includes mention of each resident of Millerville (Catholic men only), where they came from, and where their farms were. I hope to transcribe his work without this detailed information and included additional narrative from the 100 year parish history of Millerville and census records.

Schönsee, Oberpfalz, Bavaria

In 1996 received a history of Schönsee from Germany written by Dr. Theresa Guggenmoos and published in 1981. It is based to some extent on an earlier history written by Franz Wellnhofer. I have partially translated some of this book and am continuing to work on it.

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