Christina Petersdotter 1811-

Moved away to Nobbele in 1836.


  • 1811 born , Nobbele (Rydmala), Kronobergs Lan, Sweden.


Grandfather Johannes Pehrsson 1725~-

Grandmother Maria Jansdotter 1758~-1790~

Grandfather Johannes Mansson 1742~-

 Grandmother Cicilia Olofsdotter 1744~-


Father Peter Johansson 1777-1829

Mother Helena Johansdotter 1780~-1836

Siblings Johan Petersson 1800-1801, Christina Petersdotter 1803-1810, Magnus Petersson 1806-1807, Eva Petersdotter 1808-, Johan Petersson 1814-1814, Maria Johansson 1815-1815, Gustaf Petersson 1817-, Maria Petersdotter 1819, Magnus Petersson 1822, Johanna Petersdotter 1824, Christina Petersdotter 1811-,



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