Elias Petersson 1837-

farm laborer.

Elias had a mental problem which cause him to be recorded in the 1870 census as idiotic. His nephew Vasa perhaps inherited this condition.


  • 18 Dec 1837 born , Furuby (Hanagard), Kronobergs Lan, Sweden.
  • 13 Aug 1854 (age 17) immigrated , New York, New York.


Grandfather Elias Pettersson 1782-

Grandmother Lena Jonsdotter 1785~-

Grandfather Magnus Pehrsson 1767~-

 Grandmother Catharina Persdotter 1786-


Father Peter Eliasson 1806-1844

Mother Sara Magnusdotter 1813-

Siblings Eva Maria Petersdotter 1835-, Johanna Christina Petersdotter 1841-1917, Elias Petersson 1837-,



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