Wang San-Chien 1772-1838

San-Chien was a successful landlord but he loved to gamble. He would gamble with land as well as money. Eventually he lost all of his land. He claimed he was cheated and travelled 7 days in a sedan chair to appeal at the district court in Tainan but his case was unsuccessful.


  • first married Hung-Hsin .
  • second married Li-Hsin .
  • 19 Jun 1772 born , Shu-Lin, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan.
  • 01 Jun 1821 (age 49) son Wang Jin-Yu was born, Shu-Lin, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan.
  • 26 Jun 1838 (age 66) died .


Grandfather Wang Wen-Yin 1710~-

Grandmother Huang Chuan 1712~-1775

Grandfather Unknown

 Grandmother Unknown


Father Wang Fo-Sheng 1739-1797

Mother Chang-Ge 1741~-1817

Siblings Wang San-Yung , Wang San-Hao , Wang San-Chien 1772-1838,

  First Wife Hung-Hsin 1783~-1844 . Children: Wang Jin-Yu 1821-1895,

Second Wife Li-Hsin 1771-1796


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