Kristina Andersdotter 1781-


  • 14 Feb 1781 born .
  • 1800 (age 19) son Sven Johannesson was born.
  • 1808 (age 27) son Johan Johannesson was born.
  • 1811 (age 30) son Anders Johannesson was born.
  • 06 Feb 1814 (age 33) daughter Maria Christina Johansdotter was born, Kalvsvik (Baljaryd), Kronobergs Lan, Sweden.


Grandfather Unknown

Grandmother Unknown

Grandfather Unknown

 Grandmother Unknown


Father Unknown

Mother Unknown


  Husband Johannes Svenson 1778- . Children: Sven Johannesson 1800, Johan Johannesson 1808, Anders Johannesson 1811, Maria Christina Johansdotter 1814,


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