Johan Peter Hockert 1715~-

There is no birth or marriage record for Johan Peter Hockert so we cannot prove that he is the son of Matthias Hockert. However he appears as a wittness at the marriage of Georg Hockert and they were witnesses for some of each other's children. The birth dates for his children would coincide with the inference that he was Georg and Anna Maria's older brother. If not, then he would at the very least have been a close relative. I have chosen to make the connection.


  • first married Susanna Mettendorf.
  • 1715~ born , Tintingen, Saarland.
  • 1740 (age 25) son Oliver Hockert was born.
  • Bef 1740 (age 25) son Ludwig Hockert was born, Tintingen, Saarland.
  • 1743 (age 28) daughter Maria Hockert was born.
  • 1746 (age 31) son Nickolaus Hockert was born.
  • 1749 (age 34) daughter Hockert was born.
  • 1752 (age 37) son Johan Hockert was born.
  • 1757 (age 42) daughter Margaret Hockert was born.
  • 1762 (age 47) son Nickolaus Hockert was born.
  • 22 May 1766 (age 51) second married , Mandern, Saarland.


Grandfather Unknown

Grandmother Unknown

Grandfather Unknown

 Grandmother Unknown


Father Matthias Hockert 1690~

Mother Maria Elizabeth Weydig 1690~-1760

Siblings Georg Hockert 1720~, Anna Maria Hockert 1725~, Johan Peter Hockert 1715~-,

  First Wife Susanna Mettendorf -1764 . Children: Ludwig Hockert 1740~-1772, Oliver Hockert 1740, Maria Hockert 1743, Nickolaus Hockert 1746-1764, Hockert 1749, Johan Hockert 1752, Margaret Hockert 1757, Nickolaus Hockert 1762-1764,

Second Wife ____ . Married 22 May 1766, Mandern, Saarland


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