Justine Hockert 1897-1899


  • 1897 born .
  • 1899 (age 2) died .


Grandfather Nickolaus Hockert 1830-1914

Grandmother Anna Boesen 1840~-1869

Grandfather Unknown

 Grandmother Unknown


Father John Nickolas Hockert 1862-

Mother Caroline

Siblings Nicholas John Hockert 1890-1986, Ferdinand Hockert 1892-1899, Caroline Hockert 1893-1899, Barbara Hockert 1895-1982, Anna Hockert 1898-1899, Anne Hockert 1900-1970, Ferdinand (Ferd) Hockert 1902-1992, Mathilda (Tillie) Hockert 1905-1997, Matthias G Hockert 1906-1990, George Hockert 1909-1995, Justine Hockert 1897-1899,



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