Lotten Emelia Carlson 1881-1953



  • married .
  • 06 Jul 1881 born , Parkers Prairie, Otter Tail County, Minnesota.
  • 11 Apr 1953 (age 72) died .


Grandfather Carl Peter Johansson 1825-1887

Grandmother Anna Katrina Petersdotter 1826-1910

Grandfather Unknown

 Grandmother Unknown


Father Johan Petter Carlson 1856-1925

Mother Johanna Christina Gummesson 1853-1942

Siblings Carl Albin Carlson 1875-1936, Anna Elisabeth Christina Carlson 1879-1971, Hilma Elvera Carlson 1887-1971, Alice Victoria Carlson 1891-1977, Ernest Wilhelm Carlson 1893-1966, Lotten Emelia Carlson 1881-1953,

  Husband ____


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