Anna Emilia Persdotter 1877-


  • 14 Dec 1877 born , Vackelsang (Hallagard), Kronobergs Lan, Sweden.


Grandfather Unknown

Grandmother Unknown

Grandfather Israel Magnusson 1820-

 Grandmother Sara Magnusdotter 1813-


Father Per August Gustafsson 1842-

Mother Mathilda Helena Israelsdotter 1848-1901

Siblings Clas Gustaf Persson 1871-, Klara Helena Persdotter 1872-, Gustaf Vilhelm Persson 1874-, Carl Richard Persson 1875-1875, Augusta Matilda Persdotter 1876-, Pehr Erik Persson 1879, Sara Charlotta Persdotter 1880-1891, Ellen Sophia Persdotter 1881-1892, Maria Charlotta Persdotter 1883-1893, Johanna Catharina Persdotter 1884, Sara Kristina Persdotter 1885, Ingrid Elisabeth Persdotter 1887, Carl Gustaf Persson 1889-1889, Carin Marina Persdotter 1891, Hedvig Carolina Persdotter 1892, Anna Emilia Persdotter 1877-,



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