Anna Amelia Johansdotter 1885-1886


  • 03 Apr 1885 born .
  • 03 Apr 1886 (age 1) died .


Grandfather Israel Magnusson 1820-

Grandmother Sara Magnusdotter 1813-

Grandfather Unknown

 Grandmother Unknown


Father Johan Magnus Israelsson 1845-1920

Mother Johanna Christina Magnidotter 1850-1891

Siblings Robert Leonard Johansson 1881-1952, Nanny Maria Johansdotter 1883-1884, Karl-Einar Johansson 1887-1933, Allis Victoria Johansdotter 1889-1890, Ester Elisabeth Johansdotter 1890-1891, Anna Amelia Johansdotter 1885-1886,



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