Maria Elizabeth Weydig 1690~-1760

The Mandern death record for Maria says septuagenarius, I have assumed that this means she was in her seventies. That would put her birth date around 1690. Assuming her husband was about the same age or older, I am saying that he was born before 1690. There are no records to prove this however.


  • 1690~ born .
  • Abt 1715 (age 25) son Johan Peter Hockert was born, Tintingen, Saarland.
  • Abt 1720 (age 30) son Georg Hockert was born.
  • Abt 1725 (age 35) daughter Anna Maria Hockert was born.
  • 27 Jan 1760 (age 70) died .


Grandfather Unknown

Grandmother Unknown

Grandfather Unknown

 Grandmother Unknown


Father Unknown

Mother Unknown


  Husband Matthias Hockert 1690~- . Children: Johan Peter Hockert 1715~-, Georg Hockert 1720~, Anna Maria Hockert 1725~,


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