Matthias Hockert 1690~-

The Hockerts were an old family of Löffelgießers from Tintingen in Mandern parish. The towns of Manderen and Tunting are in France at the present time. The records of Mandern go back to 1740 and reveal Matthias Hockert and his family. These records, which are written in Latin, also reveal a population with mixed French and German names. There was much intermarriage of these families. The name Hockert is also spelled Hocquart in some records. We cannot be sure therefore whether the Hockerts were of French or German origin. In the 1700's the distinction in that area was probably not as clear in any case. I have chosen to spell the name Hockert and use the German form of their proper names because the Hockert families who immigrated to Minnesota spoke German and spelled the name that way. The same is also true of the Hockerts who currently still live in Schwemlingen.


  • married Maria Elizabeth Weydig.
  • 1690~ born .
  • Abt 1715 (age 25) son Johan Peter Hockert was born, Tintingen, Saarland.
  • Abt 1720 (age 30) son Georg Hockert was born.
  • Abt 1725 (age 35) daughter Anna Maria Hockert was born.


Grandfather Unknown

Grandmother Unknown

Grandfather Unknown

 Grandmother Unknown


Father Unknown

Mother Unknown


  Wife Maria Elizabeth Weydig 1690~-1760 . Children: Johan Peter Hockert 1715~-, Georg Hockert 1720~, Anna Maria Hockert 1725~,


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