Phoebe Amber Sophia Bergquist 1905-2002


  • married .
  • 13 Apr 1905 born , Parkers Prairie, Otter Tail County, Minnesota.
  • 2002 (age 97) died .


Grandfather J P Bergquist 1829-1910

Grandmother Carlina

Grandfather Sven Andrew Peterson 1845-1939

 Grandmother Helena Sophia Israelsdotter 1853-1928


Father John Bergquist 1870-

Mother Sara Caroline Olivia 1877-1939

Siblings John Raymond Bergquist 1897-1899, Clare Vivian Bergquist 1901-1902, ____, Ralph John Wallace 1912-2002, Cleve Victor Bergquist 1913-1983, Clare Oscar 1913-1980, Phoebe Amber Sophia Bergquist 1905-2002,

  Husband ____


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